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Poland Factory 11 PVC Patch

$8.75 USD


Poland began manufacturing the Kalashnikov AK under license of the Soviet Union in 1957 in the Lucznik plant in Radom, Poland.  The Lucznik Plant was originally founded in 1922 and designated Factory 11 after World War II.  To avoid confusion with another Factory #11, an oval was placed around the numerical 11.  This oval encased 11 logo proof mark can be found on the trunnion of Polish made Kalashnikovs produced at the Lucznik arms factory.  During the later 1950's, the Polish Factory 11 assisted the Soviets in supplying parts and expertise to their Bulgarian allies in establishing their own  production.  These early model Bulgarian copies bear both the Bulgarian Factory 10 proof mark as well the Polish Factory 11 logo.  



  • 3" Soft PVC Morale Patch
  • This quality morale patch is great for military kit, apparel, jackets, hats, backpacks, etc.
  • Hook backing to secure onto loop patch on uniforms, helmets, outwear/ fleece jacket sleeves, tactical vests, bags, backpacks, etc.