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The Kalashnikov USA Komrad

The Kalashnikov USA Komrad

Kalashnikov is a well-known Russian designed gun brand, delivering high-quality firearms, most notably, the world-famous AK-47, or Avtomat Kalashnikova. Once an import, Kalashnikov USA adds American innovation to Russian engineering, manufacturing firearms that provide reliability, power, and absolute freedom.

Kalashnikov guns are known for their superior builds and careful assembly, providing a dependable firearm for military personnel, law enforcement officials, and civilians. The Komrad is a “street legal” 12-gauge rifle-shotgun-pistol hybrid ready for you to take with you to the range.


The Komrad

The Kalashnikov USA Komrad is an American-made semi-automatic firearm. Based on the Russian Saiga 12 shotgun, the Komrad semi-automatic improves on a Kalashnikov tradition. The Komrad has a barrel length of 12.5” long and accepts 2.75” and 3” shells. The overall adjustable length is between 30.25” and 33”. It weighs just over 7 pounds, making this a compact and easy carry.

Due to its barrel length, such a gun would usually be classified as a short-barreled shotgun. However, the Kalashnikov Komrad is classified as a firearm rather than a shotgun, avoiding the need to go through NFA paperwork or pay the $200 tax. Blending the line between the two, the Komrad provides the best of both, allowing you to use it as either.

It has an adjustable gas system so that you can use high brass or low brass shells, marked 1 for high-recoil loads, and 2 for low-recoil loads. Users have reported issues only when this is not set correctly. In newer versions of this gun, the number system was changed to H and L to make sure there no second-guessing in the field.

The high gas regulation setting prohibits gas from entering the action. This is better for heavier loads like Magnum, slug, or buckshot. The H setting limits the quantity of gas to prevent wear and tear from heavier loads. The low gas regulation setting lets all the gas into the action, allowing the system to cycle itself. This works on light loads such as birdshot or target loads. It should not be used for heavy loads.

The Kalashnikov Komrad can be used with its SB Tactical pistol brace, extending its total length to up to the full 33”. It also features a side-mounted optics rail, adjustable pistol grip, threaded muzzle nut, tri-rail forend, and vertical forward grip.

The Komrad comes with two magazines that take 5 rounds each but can be used with Kalashnikov 10-round magazines and much of the Saiga accessory line.


Aim, Accuracy, Reliability, Recoil

On the range, the Kalashnikov Komrad handles wonderfully. It is well-balanced and aims fast, almost quicker, and easier than a handgun. It fires very smoothly, providing the same reliable shooting experience every time. Remember to adjust your gas regulator when switching between buckshot and slugs to maintain correct firing. The gas regulator controls the way the gun is fired, and the amount of kick is given.

The Komrad fires hard and kicks much like shotguns of similar size. It is vital to have a correct stance to counter the recoil and maintain control of your shot. Otherwise, this gun will likely bruise your shoulder. Firing requires a somewhat aggressive stance and correct shooting form. Standing up straight with your feet 6 to 9 inches apart and front knee slightly bent gives you excellent leverage and minimizes injury due to recoil.

Kalashnikov guns are well-known for firing in any circumstance, and the Komrad is no different. This tough firearm remains reliable in the cold, as well as other harsh circumstances. Its durable construction enables it to operate in the presence of minor obstructions such as sand or water.

The Komrad makes a reliable firearm for a civilian in home protection or police officers and military personnel in the field. Additionally, for the gun enthusiast, it is a lot of fun on the shooting range.


Accessories and Add-Ons

There are a number of modifications and accessories that are compatible with the Kalashnikov Komrad. Built with regard to the Kalashnikov Saiga 12, the Komrad is compatible with all Saiga parts, including extended rock-and-lock magazines, round drum magazines, rail systems, front sights, laser sights, and red-dot scopes. Parts such as rail guards, mounting platforms, and safeguards also interchangeable.

Add-on parts such as tactical flashlights, pistols grips, folding stocks, and bi-pods can also be integrated into this gun to improve efficiency further. You can also purchase tactical kits for your Komrad, which include alternate rail systems, recoil reduction systems, and larger magazines.

The flexibility of this firearm, paired with its smaller size, makes it an excellent option for law enforcement, tactical military use, and fun range shooting. It also makes a great home defense gun.



Home Defense

A 12-gauge shotgun is one of the best forms of self-defense for your home. The Komrad combines the best of the traditional 12-gauge shotgun with the convenience of semi-automatic power. In-home defense situations, the 5-round mags (or the extended 10-round mags) provide plenty of firepower.

The short barrel provides better movement around tight corners in the home, so you can quickly put sights on an intruder. The threaded barrel allows you to use a flash suppressor, and the optics mount provides a place for red dot sights. The three picatinny rails provide room for a laser and flashlight.

Use #5 birdshot with your Komrad to stop an intruder without penetrating surrounding walls or ceilings.


Final Thoughts

The Kalashnikov Komrad, despite its name, is an all-American firearm that is unrivaled in power, reliability, and flexibility. American engineering and design take a traditional Russian favorite to the next level, while still keeping compatibility for parts and accessories from its Russian predecessor. A unique blend between rifle and shotgun, this semi-automatic powerhouse gives a gun owner everything they seek in a firearm.

Kalashnikov USA combines Russian heritage and American innovation with dedication and passion for producing an unrivaled firearm experience for an avid gun user. Any gun owner knows the value of a reliable firearm, and Kalashnikov USA delivers above and beyond with the Komrad.


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