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The American Syndicate!

The American Syndicate!

Syndicate: (noun) [/ˈsindikət/]

- A group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest.


The American Syndicate!

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Best Kalashnikov AK Books

Best AK Books for the Kalashnikov Fan!

Looking for some great additional reading and wonderful AK resources?  Well, look no further.  Not listed in any particular order, but curated all in one place just for you, we have compiled this great list of popular reads!
East German AK-47 History MPi-KM

East German AK History

Germany is a country well known for its pedigree in firearms development, and highly regarded for their engineering ingenuity, and consistently high production quality.  From World War I & II, to the present, Germany has made some of the most iconic small arms in the world, including the STG 44 which is thought by many to have influenced the Kalashnikov design.
Fun & Interesting Facts about the AK-47

Fun and Interesting Facts about the AK-47

Interesting Facts and Tidbits about the Kalashnikov AK-47   1.   Incorrect Naming  The term AK-47 is the incorrect nomenclature.  It...